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Photo Gallery

Manpei Hotel & Icchodo


The disassembled pieces of the furniture to be engraved


Rough Sketch  The artist draws an outline and rough sketch of the requested pattern.


Nomi Chiseling  Following the rough sketch, the artist begins chiseling out the design.
photo of the nomi chisels


Increasing the Detail  To give a sharper appearance to the floating design, carvers work around the rougher chiseled areas with a fine or flat chisel.  photo of the flat knife


Details in the Design For the leaves and flowers, a wide shallow chisel is used to give the illusion of greater depth.  photo of the wide shallow chisel


Fine Etching  The carvers continue to smooth curves and add stamens, veins, and other fine lines to flowers and leaves, using an etching knife.   photo of the etching knife


Star Chiseling  Using the three-point star chisel, crafters further engrave and emboss the flower petals and other sections.   photo of the star chisel